The Israeli and Palestinian Conflict: What do you suggest?

Because I’m pro-God’s-Kingdom, it means that I am anti-pro-secular-government. I cannot be pro-Israel nor pro-Palestinian. What gain will a Christian receive to support a nation exercising tyranny or terrorism? How does rooting for a certain state benefit the kingdom of God? The people who mostly make up Israel and Palestine have rejected the liberating news of the kingdom. Both the Jews and Muslims have rejected Jesus. And this is why, ultimately I cannot find myself supporting either country. They’re anti-Christs, anti-God’s-Kingdom. Apparently, many Christians have chosen to support Israel due to an eschatological belief. In their attempts to hold to this Zionist/Restorationist theology, they have demonize the Palestinians. These Christians have made a group of people an enemy. And this I find as an offense and a discredit to the message and character of Jesus.

A Christian’s mission is the proclamation of  freedom and peace, not oppression and war. However, many Palestinians, the Muslim world, and the global community sees just the opposite . We’re becoming horrible examples of Christ to them. We’re making it more challenging for missionaries to establish relationships and to plant churches. Like the Pharisees, we have shut the door of the kingdom in their faces!

Though it is sometimes a necessary means to an end, war should not be advocated. Instead, we should hold out for peaceful alternatives. It may be best for us to withhold investing or giving resources to the Israelis and divert the funds to humanitarian missions, to help those suffering in the battle zone. Are we servants to an empire or to hurting people?

As for the Palestinians, a people who are marginalized, I want to sympathize. But, it is extremely challenging to suffer with the sufferer if the sufferer is putting their hope in a terrorist organization. They’ve allowed Hamas to represent and fight for them, and that makes it difficult for the Christian community to offer any help. Their trust is in the wrong federation.

Because of the ties between the Palestinians and Hamas, Israel may be justified in their acts of justice. Israel may be the hand God strikes them with. God could use war to bring about his retributive justice. Yes, I am for peace. But, for there to be peace, there needs to be justice. Peace cannot exist without justice.

In the midst of armed conflict, unfortunately, innocent lives will be taken. Civilians will die. Little children will die. During this “holy” war, and any war that comes after, we must pray for those families who are suffering – those who have lost homes, provision, and loved ones.  We must pray for the protection and strength of the Christians who are caught on both sides of the battle line. And pray that God’s justice is swift and that this conflict will be resolved soon.

When war is over, there will be much damage that needs repairing – roads, buildings, the economy, the environment, and of course, human lives. Evil won’t be vanquished today, and maybe not tomorrow. But we must continue to believe and hope for that future event when justice will prevail, when peace will reign, and all things will be restored. Today, we walk that belief by doing what we can…don’t support a country; fund a humanitarian organization; and pray for the protection of innocent people. 

What do you suggest?

What is your opinion? What do you think?

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