My 2 Year Bible Reading Plan

Have you ever started a Bible reading plan and a few days into forgot about it or put it aside because you were too busy with other things? And then the next week try to play catch up, but then you realize you’re so backed-up, and reading 12 chapters in one sitting is just too much? So you tell yourself, “I can do it if I add a few chapters a day for the next few days and then I should be caught up”. But before the month has ended that Bible reading plan, along with the rest of your New Years resolution, is never to be returned to.

I’ve had the same problem and thought, “why isn’t it working? I really do want to read Scripture. Maybe a year-long Bible reading plan isn’t for me? So, what exactly am I looking for in a Bible reading plan?” Here’s what I jotted down:

  • I wanted a Bible reading plan that wasn’t a year-long, because I knew I just couldn’t. I wanted free-days for catch-up in case of life events, such as holidays, family events, vacation, or whatever normal thing happens in life.
  • In addition, I wanted a Bible reading plan that had somewhat of a historical narrative, not one that went straight through the Bible, of which is arranged by category instead of timeline events.
  • And, I wanted to read the New Testament and Wisdom literature along side¬†as well. I couldn’t imagine not reading the New Testament for a year and a half.

With all that, I couldn’t find a reading plan that fit my preferred specifications. So, I created my own.

I created this plan a little over 2 years ago and started it the first week of the new year of 2012. And, it’s worked out great! If you were like me, who really wanted a reading plan but always failed because the one year is too much, but the little devotional ones you find on ¬†youversion is not challenging enough, this just might work for you.

After reviewing this plan, let me know what you think. I’m open to suggestions. If you think there are ways to improve this Bible reading plan, let me know.

What has(n’t) worked for you?

Two Year Bible Reading Plan


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