Church Denies Funeral To Lesbian

A “Dignity in Death” rally was held for a lesbian woman whose funeral was moved after a church rejected photos that were used in a memorial video. The funeral had already begun, but soon afterwards, the church requested that a picture of a gay marriage proposal be taken out of the video. Because the family and friends would not comply, the church declined to further provide funeral services, so the funeral was moved to a mortuary across the street.

1) Should the church be allowed to monitor and censor what takes place at a funeral?

2) Should the family and friends have complied understanding the values of the church?

3) Should the church have abruptly stopped the funeral services, right after it had just began?

4) What would be the best way to handle this?


2 thoughts on “Church Denies Funeral To Lesbian”

  1. 1) The church should have the right to ensure all activities done on their property or on their name complies with their stated values.
    2) I understand it would be an incredibly emotional time for family friends but those doing the funeral should have been aware of the church’s stand on such a controversial issue before using the facility.
    3) The time to take a stand is up front. A church making it an issue mid service is just plain stupid and irresponsible. At that point just roll with it.
    4) A church should have a facilities use contract that any group not directly affiliated with the church must understand and sign before using their facilities.


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