Churches Shift to Accepting Same-Same Marriage

The Presbyterian Church (USA) on Tuesday voted to officially approve of same-sex marriage. Though expected, it was sad news. What was even sadder was reading about an announcement from an evangelical church in San Francisco, CA that it has decided, “We will no longer discriminate based on sexual orientation and demand lifelong celibacy as a precondition for joining”. It is the fourth “mega” church I know of that has shifted. Though, I must question whether they’re “mega” anymore since the decision of these leaders have caused more hurt and pain in splitting their churches.

You’d have to be blind not to see that there’s a trend in our society that is becoming more open to same-sex marriage. But, I wonder, do societal trends dictate what the church finds acceptable? For a few Christians, that seems to be the case. These churches are more committed to catering to culture than devotion to Christ. When a religious organization continues to fall for what is socially acceptable without regards to how it may be eternally damning, it makes it quite challenging for them to do what is was commissioned to do – to preach repentance. The day a church ceases to preach repentance, because it doesn’t see sin as sin anymore, is the day it has ceased being a church.

This is not philosophical differences, but deeply theological differences. This is not merely about having a different interpretation on the holy text but a complete disregard for every text that refers to sexual sin. Even if they admit to abandoning the texts that speak on homosexuality but holding to the more generic text about sexual ethics is really succumbing to cherry-picking. Like Thomas Jefferson, they’ve cut out the ones they don’t agree with. By the votes of many liberals, the words of God became even more meaningless.

It is a sad day when many of your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ walks away from truth to embrace error. They’re like the children of Israel who embraced tolerance when met with pluralism. Or the son in the prodigal story who left his father’s house for freedom. They were deceived. They thought personal liberty was a high virtue. The global church must call them out, to repent of their decisions, and hold them accountable. My hope and prayer is that they’ll rethink their evil ways and that they’ll return to God and a love for what God says about human sexuality.


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