Follow Me by David Platt – Book Review

This book is about following Jesus in contrast to being a typical Christian in America. That is an unfortunate statement. The two – disciple of Christ and Christian – should mean the same thing. But, it doesn’t. In this book the author explains what it really means to follow Jesus.

He shares his concern about what he calls “unconverted believers”. These are the Christians haven’t considered the cost of salvation and obedience to following Jesus. The American church has come to settle for a comfortable Christianity. For some of us, this problem resonates deep within because it’s true. But the question is “how do we transform American Christians?”

Many generally understand the call of Christians and so would agree with what he has to say. To love Jesus, to follow him, be part of a missional church, to give and serve, to be held accountable and be holy, to make disciples of many nations. So if this is his aim, the aim of Christianity, then maybe the problem is not in our ignorance of it, but our ignorant dismissal of it.

This book convicted me in some ways, and had me question my obedience to the mission of Jesus, yet I was left asking, “So, then what?” It was like a preacher who brought needed rebuke, but lacked any practical applications to which he could challenge us to. Very good book, but wish it offered more practical things we, individually and collectively, can do.


What is your opinion? What do you think?

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