America’s Changing Religious Landscape – The Transition from Traditional Churches

America’s Changing Religious Landscape | Pew Research Center.

Upon reviewing the data, it is quite interesting to see that those who have left Christianity is not a specific people group, but Americans of all backgrounds…whites and minorities, college graduates and high school educated, men and women.

Although the racial, educational, sexual background is playing no role in the exodus from Christianity, it is coming from mainly two denominations. One isn’t really a denomination, but more like a branch of Christianity. It is the Catholic church. 3.1% of Catholics have abandoned the Church.

The other group Christians have left is the Mainline church. Mainline churches is a term used to describe the main traditional Protestant denominations as differentiated from and on the theological left of evangelicalism. The change was -3.4%.

During the same time, the Unaffiliated group increased 6.7%, with “nothing in particular” increasing 3.7%. My guess is that half of those who left the Church transitioned into this Unaffiliated camp. And if so, why? What happened? Is this transition the result of the being theologically left?
Changing U.S. Religious Landscape


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