Myers Briggs, Jesus and Me

A friend of mine is all about the Myers-Briggs testing. It was great to find out what my personality type was. However, when I googled it, I was saddened.

You see, I am an INTJ. Though I fully agree with the assessment, 100%, I really didn’t care for the images that popped up. The crazy thing is, I even agree with the images because I totally relate to it. Apparently, I’m in the group of mad scientists and evil masterminds.

Why not just masterminds and scientists? Why mad and evil? Well, here’s why. Which kinds of people do you think would be more caring, empathetic, and nice: introvert or extrovert? Extrovert, right?

What about between sensing things (that is, real life stuff, practicalities, experiences) and intuition (that is, concepts, theories, and ideas)? More sensing, yes?

Okay. How about between feelings and thinking? Most often people don’t want to know someone is thinking good things about them more than they’re doing nice things for them.

And lastly, perceiving (flexible, responsive, spontaneous) and judging (order, task-oriented, planned)? Basically, people would want someone to respond to their needs instead of being met with “not right now”.

So, you see? INTJ’s don’t seem to be the nicest and caring people. Not that we’re not. A lot of people think I’m a very good guy. But, honestly, it seems sometimes, that I have to make an effort to be nice, open, welcoming, etc.

Yes, an effort.

As a guy who loves the Bible and studying about Jesus, I got to thinking about Jesus and my role as his follower. I began reading the gospels over again and finding places where I can relate to. And it seemed the only time I could relate to Jesus was when he’d leave the people who were chasing after him so he could just get away and rest.

And I thought, “My personality type has to be the most challenging of all types to want to be like Jesus”. I want my space! I want to do my own thing. I don’t want to hear someone talk about their issues. If someone wants help, they’ll have to wait!

If I had it my way, I’d prefer to only drawing up plans on how to help people. But doing it in real life, with real people. Uuggghhhh. That is not the abundant life.

And that is when I recognize I really need Jesus. I need Jesus to empower me with his Spirit, because without him I will resist his call. I need the mind of Jesus, because without it I’d get lost in my mental world. I need the heart of Jesus, because without it, I just won’t care.


5 thoughts on “Myers Briggs, Jesus and Me”

  1. I can relate as a fellow INTJ. But I think that there are many ways that INTJs can serve Jesus in ways that INTJs can actually enjoy. For example they can study apologetics and use this to spread the gospel by discussing deep theological questions with others. Also I don’t feel bad about being cast as a villain; Jesus was a totally innocent person cast as a villain and crucified on a cross. Nobody really had the moral, spiritual or emotional insight/depth to care about his actual intentions, even when he was alive. He spent his entire life being judged by people who fit in, but in reality only appeared to be good on the surface. So Jesus shows us what INTJs have known about people all along – it doesn’t matter how good or nice you are to people they will be quite happy to sell you out regardless. The awesome thing is that Jesus chose to love them even though He knew that, and didn’t just throw away the awesome life God had planned for him by sinking into self-pity and despair. He was the person God created him to be, no matter what others were doing around him. Therefore you might as well enjoy being an INTJ, keep making big plans, keep loving people because Jesus loves you (even doing this in public, as far as His grace allows) and opportunities will come to serve Him that will use your unique gifts in a way that you enjoy as well as build in areas that you are lacking. You can still be yourself, God made you that way for a reason even if others find it hard to understand that. It’s o.k., people don’t understand a lot of things.

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