Myers Briggs and Jesus

Continuing with the Myers Briggs and Jesus theme from my earlier post, I’d like to focus more on Jesus than myself. I remember, while going through a Christian internship program one summer as a teen, learning about personality temperaments. I found it fascinating to discover how different each of us were. And of course, we began talking about Jesus, because, you know, it is a Christian internship program.

The teacher began to tell us how the temperaments centers on Jesus. Because, since Jesus was perfect, he had all the temperaments. Jesus wasn’t just sanguine (optimistic, sociable, artistic), or choleric (extroverted, energetic, ambitious), melancholic (analytical, introverted, cautious), or phlegmatic (thoughtful, caring, patient). He was all of them.

Upon taking the Myers Briggs testing for myself and reading the gospels, I began wondering, “what if Jesus isn’t all four temperaments as I was taught? What if Jesus’ personality wasn’t as unique?” So with the gospels in one hand and the Myers Briggs in the other, I sought to pin Jesus down.

Looking back to that class during the internship, I could recall the teacher going through various passages in the gospel to prove Jesus possessed all the temperaments. To show how Jesus was a certain personality type, the teacher would show a passage that reflected it. And the same with each one. But, YOU COULD DO THAT WITH ANYONE!

I could argue that I have all these personality types by going through my life and showing examples of when I was rose up as a leader, or became the life of the party, or wrote words of sympathy. It’s easy to look back on someone’s history, grab certain segments and make a judgement of their personality type. How one responds in a certain time does not determine their personality type for all time.

I have a hunch of Jesus’ personality type, but I think it be best if you try it out as well. One thing to keep in mind is that these personality tests aren’t 100% correct. But it does generally give an idea. Over a certain period, more than three-quarters of folks consistently get the same results.

One test I found that is fairly easy is from ipersonic. Rather than taking a 100 question test to find one’s personality type, you only have to answer 4. Yes, only 4! “But, aren’t there 16 personality types for Myers Briggs?” you might ask. Yes, there is. But this short test can do it. And, it only takes 3 minutes to complete.

In the next four posts, we will go through each one.


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