Bruce Jenner – Still A Man In Need of Jesus

Jenner came into international attention when, while identifying as a man, he won the gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal. Subsequently, he starred in many movies and television specials including several made-for-TV movies… Jenner was married for nearly 24 years to Kris Jenner (formerly Kardashian). Following their divorce in 2015, Jenner came out in a television interview as a trans-woman, initially preferring male pronouns until his transition was more complete. Today, Jenner revealed his new name, Caitlyn.

Many have said what he did was courageous. But, this should not be celebrated. I say what Bruce did was foolish.

Bruce can pay all the money needs to, take all the pills, and undergo all the surgeries to transform himself into another sex, but he will still be a man. His physiology affirms he’s a man. His genetic code says he’s a man. Creator God made him as a man.

Now what are we to do with him? Write him off from the Church? Consign him to hell? I don’t think so.

If a transgendered person comes to your church, would you know how to respectfully treat the person? Do you have anything stated in the church’s bylaws to refer to? Can the person participate in ministry and serve in the children’s department? Can they attend the retreat with the gender they identify with? Can they be baptized? Under what capacity would we allow Christ to use the person within his body?

When I see Caitlyn, I see a man. A broken man. A selfish man. A dis-ordered man. A man who fell into deception.

We all have traveled a similar path Bruce is still traveling on. We’ve all made foolish decisions. Some decisions can be reversed, or fixed. While others, the only remedy is grace and forgiveness.

Again, what Bruce has done is foolish. His sexual transformation is an act of rebellion against the Creator and creation, and it is also his due penalty. It’s a display of pride and mockery.

But, grace is still bigger than Bruce’s act of defiance against the divine. I hope the Church can express it. Furthermore, I hope Bruce will sense it, understand his folly, come to Christ, and experience an internal metamorphosis.

For the transgendered folks who completed a sex change, we shouldn’t expect a physical reversion. The Bible doesn’t. God doesn’t. Instead, like any other person who comes to Christ, we should expect spiritual transformation. This is the only kind of transformation we should really care about. Though the physical marks and effects of treatment may be life-long, their eternal destiny isn’t contingent on making any more exterior modifications.

Contemplate and consider what this means for you and your church.


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