Is your Love towards Sinners Destroying them?

I’ve read several posts and articles from Christians about Bruuu…Caitlyn Jenner, and I gotta say….I’m kind of at a loss of words. But not really. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this.

What I’ve read a lot lately is about how Christians are to unconditionally love people. Yeah. That’s a given. Christians are to love people. But, I gotta ask, “do we love people at the cost of truth?”

Many Christians have gotten this idea that loving people means being passive about sin. “Yes, they’re a sinner. But sinners sin. We just need to pray and love them.” But, is that it?

Some time ago I realized that when there was a hot topic about sinners sinning in the media, there were two types of vocal Christians. Truthers and Lovers. Most folks fell silent somewhere between.

The Truthers are those who condemn sinners because of their sin. They highlight the person’s sin compared to the holiness of God to show how bad they are. They’re more interested in being right.

The Lovers are those who legitimize the sin of the sinner. They talk about a loving God that had a Son who had compassion on “bad” people. They’re more interested in being inclusive.

The former speaks truth without love. The latter attempts to love without truth. Unfortunately, they’re both in the wrong.

At the moment, I feel many Christians have shifted away from the truth. Possibly it’s due to the culture’s view of Christians. That they’re old white people who hate change. But, really, we know that’s not the case. Instead of moving away from that, we should stand up and tell the truth about what we believe and who we are. We shouldn’t allow society to define us and change our view of what true love is.

The source of love is the holiness of God. It’s the anchor which holds it from the forces of culture. There is no true love apart from it. The holiness of God gives love meaning and protects it from redefinition. If there’s a concept or an act society calls love, yet it’s contrary to Scripture, it is a false love – a lie.

Us Christians cannot fall into the deception of false love. Love without truth is exactly that, deception! We think we’re doing a Jesus thing but instead doing a Satanic thing.

Love does not mean affirming ones behavior. Even passively! Yes, when you don’t mention the error one is in so they can see where they are and be directed towards where they should be headed, you’re lying to them. You silently tell them “it’s okay to live in the pit you’re in”, while verbally saying “I love you”.

Affirming ones behavior by love without truth could be the most unloving and unChristian thing one can do to a person. At our attempts to love people, let’s remember to include the holiness of God and light of Jesus to show our sin and our need for a savior. Without truth, love by itself will destroy us.

Love does not celebrate in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth – 1 Corinthians 13:6


4 thoughts on “Is your Love towards Sinners Destroying them?”

  1. Thank you for writing this! This is exactly what I was explaining to some of my friends yesterday. Its like society is trying to be more and more excepting of everyone but their not realizing all their doing is becoming more and more excepting of sin and in turn turning from God.

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  2. Should we show deceived/unsaved/unbelieving people love or truth or both? Is the truth (or condemning their sin if I read between the lines of what you’re saying) going to do anything but drive them further away from the REAL truth – Jesus Christ?

    Just some questions, I’m curious what you think.


    1. Good question! It is both of course, but I understand what you mean. Truth shouldn’t be condemning. Rather, it should be enlightening. If someone was walking across the street on a red light, telling the person their error would be life saving. If a doctor withheld life-saving information from a sick client, it would possibly destroy their life. Truth would save the person’s life.

      I know that a Christian’s truth-telling in love has been eclipsed by the constant portrayal of preachers as crazy fundamentalists who’s yelling at people, that they’re going to hell. Because of this horrible image created by a few radicals and sustained by the media, it seems the best way to begin telling truth in love is by building a trusting relationship. It is within this context where I believe we can love without withholding life-saving truth.


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