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Five Views on Law and Gospel (Counterpoints: Bible and Theology): Book Review

Does the Gospel abrogate the Law? Or, does the Law still have a place for Christian belief and practice? Are all laws and commandments in the Old Covenant no longer necessary? And if some are still necessary, how do you decide? This book explores five major approaches to this topic on Law and Gospel.¬†Whether you’re wanting to come to a better understanding on the relationship between the two, knowing the various views, or using it to help strengthen your position, or establish a new one for you, I recommend taking a look at this book.

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QUESTIONS: Is the Law Abrogated?

Many Christians have said that we are no longer under the Law but under Grace. But, what does that mean? Some might go so far as saying that since it’s the Spirit that convicts us, we no longer need to abide by the Commandments. But, then how do you know you have sinned or not? Is it based on whether you feel bad? Is there then no use for the Law, at all? If not, then what use is the Old Testament? Was it Jesus or Paul who taught that we are liberated¬†from the Law? And if Paul, then why does he carry more weight over Jesus’ strict and heightened view of the Law? Does the Gospel really stand in opposition to the Law? Or, in other words, did God make a mistake in giving his chosen people the Law since it doesn’t have a salvific value, but only merely to show their wickedness? Is this what the Gospel does: it abrogate God’s laws?