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Evangelical Mega Church Comes Out for Gay Marriage

A few weeks ago Pastor Stan Mitchell revealed to this congregation the official decision of where they would now stand with gay marriage – Grace Pointe church in Franklin, Tennessee now supports gay marriage.

With the change in policy, Mitchell posted on the church’s website that they will now honour and extend full privileges to gay members of the congregation. These privileges include child dedication, leadership opportunities and marriage services, which were previously withheld from them as the church did not yet support gay marriage or relationships. Mitchell said the privileges will be extended “with the same expectations of faithfulness, sobriety, holiness, fidelity … and willingness as expected of all.”

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Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran Fired Over Religious Beliefs

Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed terminated the city’s fire chief, Kelvin Cochran, after he published a book titled Who Told You That You Were Naked? that contained controversial statements. The book made some references about homosexuality that it is “unclean”, “a sexual perversion”, “vulgar”, and “inappropriate”.

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Church Denies Funeral To Lesbian

A “Dignity in Death” rally was held for a lesbian woman whose funeral was moved after a church rejected photos that were used in a memorial video. The funeral had already begun, but soon afterwards, the church requested that a picture of a gay marriage proposal be taken out of the video. Because the family and friends would not comply, the church declined to further provide funeral services, so the funeral was moved to a mortuary across the street.

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