The Kingdom: This is how I see it

The Kingdom of God. Much has been and still can be said about this topic. Many books have been written and thousands of sermons preached regarding this subject. But I desired to write something rather quickly about it. Here’s a quick sketch of how I see the kingdom of God.

  • The first phrase Jesus uttered at the start of his ministry: “Repent, for the kingdom is near.” In other words, get your act together because a sovereign state will come and decide your fate.
  • He told the poor not to worry about having nothing because they’ll inherit something grand – the kingdom of God. From rags to royalty.
  • He taught that many will choose to reject the liberating news of a redeeming kingdom. They will rather live in their bondage, for that is where their pleasure is.
  • In one parable he told, he referred the kingdom as to a tiny seed, that when planted, it’ll grow into a large tree which will give shade and rest – salvation from suffering.
  • He sent his apprentices – or ambassadors, out as heralds proclaiming the coming of the kingdom. Citizens were not to be quite about who they pledged their allegiance to.
  • Though all were invited, Jesus cautioned that one must be approved to become its citizen. Adhering to sin more than the Justice of God rejected them from entrance.
  • Jesus said the kingdom belongs to people who are as children – a class of the needy. It’s becoming conscious of our insufficiency of true living without the King.
  • Jesus challenged a rich man to give his wealth away to the poor, and the kingdom doors would be opened to him. “Oh how hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God!”
  • James and John asked if they could sit next to Jesus in kingdom courts. Jesus responded, “you have to be a slave first”. A slave is the property of another. A kingdom slave is a willing slave.
  • Jesus was thrown on an animal and rode into the city as the people shouted praises, “Your king is coming”! He was seated on a donkey instead of a horse. Peace and humility over war and pride.
  • Pilate asked Jesus if he were the “king”. Jesus answered “yes”. Later, he was mocked and executed. The innocent encounters hardship. And many followers of the king will experience the same.

From these statements about Jesus and the kingdom, what do you make of it?

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