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Jesus, Child Murderers, and His Support for Capital Punishment

Jesus loves children.

For a moment, imagine a child, a small little kid. Do you have that child in mind? Perhaps you have or had a little child. Can you see his or her face? Now, that child is taken and held hostage. The child is being tortured. The child is crying, unsure what’s going on and why it’s happening. The fear and terror. And in just a matter of time, the child is brutally murdered. The memories of birth, first birthdays, the holidays, the play dates, the rough housing, the hopes and dreams…gone. A sick monster satisfied its wicked craving by taking the life of a child.

I wondered how Jesus would respond. Not in regards to the loss of a child, but to the murderer. Because children were very precious to him, and the monstrosity of the act, I suspect Jesus would call for a swift death to every person who murders a child. Some might disagree with me. “Jesus is love. He’s compassionate, and merciful, and forgiving. He would never condone killing another person.” But, are we so sure that having those “good and positive” attributes equates to denouncing capital punishment? Does love oppose justice?

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Rethinking the Sinner’s Prayer and Baptism

Sinner’s Prayer

Is the sinner’s prayer biblical? Was it a practice of the early church? Why do we do it? Should we continue with this practice?

I used to think that “The Sinner’s Prayer” was normal. Whenever someone got converted, they were supposed to recite a prayer. It was like making it official. Without a prayer, it wasn’t real, and the hope of their transformation was diminished. But then as I got older, I began asking “why?”. I was asking lots of why questions with everything Christians do. Not in a negative, critical way, but in a because-I-want-to-know-if this-is-man-made-tradition-or-if-it-has-much-biblical-support kind of way.

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