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Are You Privileged?

How Privileged Are You

Some time ago I received this “privilege” test and upon reviewing it, I was enlightened and yet was provoked by it as well.

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Christians and Gentrification

What is Gentrification? It is a shift in an urban community toward wealthier residents and/or business and increasing property values. Typically the result of investment in a community by real estate development business, local government, or community activists, and can often spur economic development attract business, and lower crime rates. In addition to these potential benefits, gentrification can lead to population migration, which involves poorer residents being displaced by wealthier residents.

As with most subject, there are two sides. Here, you got the wealthier people invading, and then  the poor residents made to leave. Each side wants to criticize the other. But, the unrealized truth is, there are Christians on both sides. Rather than sling mud against other Christians for ruining the image of a community, we must ask ourselves if what you’re doing is a good representation of the kingdom of God? Also, this is not about whether the church is for or against gentrification. Rather, this is about the Christians who are in the midst of it.

There are two notable times when God’s people migrated. Once was from Egypt to the Promised Land. The second time was from the Promised Land to Exile – into Assyrian and Babylonian territory. The first was due to God’s grace, the second due to God’s wrath. Is it possible that a migration is due to godless behaviors? Unwise decisions? A wake up call?