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Rethinking the Sinner’s Prayer and Baptism

Sinner’s Prayer

Is the sinner’s prayer biblical? Was it a practice of the early church? Why do we do it? Should we continue with this practice?

I used to think that “The Sinner’s Prayer” was normal. Whenever someone got converted, they were supposed to recite a prayer. It was like making it official. Without a prayer, it wasn’t real, and the hope of their transformation was diminished. But then as I got older, I began asking “why?”. I was asking lots of why questions with everything Christians do. Not in a negative, critical way, but in a because-I-want-to-know-if this-is-man-made-tradition-or-if-it-has-much-biblical-support kind of way.

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Sin, Deception, and the Path towards Destruction

What’s the best way to justify a behavior most Christians would deem unacceptable? Redefine sin.

Recently, I’ve noticed how the definition of sin has evolved to mean an act that harms another. When the definition of sin is limited to this, then there are countless of behaviors we could be allowed to do. Such as sex reassignment, homosexual practice, lust, gossip, jealousy, overeating, suicide, drug abuse, polluting, and many more. And I know some would say, “Well, some of these can hurt people. That’s why it’s sinful.” Really? With this line of reasoning, sharing a non-gluten-free meal would be considered sinful because it just might harm someone. So, sin can’t be reduced to harming another.

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